Make “Memories” at Memories Tavern

//Make “Memories” at Memories Tavern

Make “Memories” at Memories Tavern

Make “Memories” at Memories Tavern this Holiday Season!

Memories TavernReady or not, November marks the beginning of the holiday season. Do you have plans to celebrate? Either way, you’re cordially invited to escape the holiday madness at Memories Tavern. This cozy neighborhood bar, located at 1701 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Lake Villa, Illinois, will be open on Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s part of Universal Gaming Group (UGG), a family of licensed video gaming establishments in Illinois. UGG locations provide an exceptional gaming experience along with great entertainment, food, and drinks. As you brace yourself for this holiday season, here are four ways to create new traditions at Memories Tavern.

1. Make it your home away from home.

Whether you missed your flight out of Illinois or are lying low, you’re welcome to spend the holidays at Memories Tavern. On Thanksgiving and Christmas, friendly folks fill this family-owned bar all day long. Come as early as 11 a.m. and stay until 1 a.m. Sunday through Thursday. The atmosphere is warm and homey. There are comfy chairs, wood floors, a fish tank, and billiards. The tavern also has five slot machines, something you definitely won’t find at your family’s house.

2. Escape from your family.

According to Popular Science, it’s normal to stress about family time, especially around the holidays. The potential hazards of holiday gatherings are plentiful. Fiery political debates. Rambling stories. Awkward relationship questions. If you usually plot an escape before the turkey is sliced, we don’t blame you. This year, tiptoe out the door and slip away to Memories Tavern. You can count on staff for solace and a stiff drink.

3. Avoid food and drink duty.

What are the holidays without hours spent bartending, cooking, and cleaning? Skip the chores this year and find out. Memories Tavern will provide top-notch hospitality on Thanksgiving and Christmas with a variety of beer, wine, and cocktails. There will also be a potluck, which is a holiday tradition at the bar. For a quick and tasty contribution, bring a classic no-cook potluck recipe. You can prep crowd-pleasers like tortilla pinwheels and pastrami roll-ups in just 15 minutes. Enjoy the time you saved by kicking back at the tavern’s huge U-shaped bar.

4. Wind down from the festivities.

If your holiday table is heavy on carbs and cocktails, you’ll need some R&R. At Memories Tavern, you can unwind after a super-sized holiday meal in front of four televisions. They’ll broadcast all the holiday sports action. On Thanksgiving, rest and recuperate with NCAA and NFL football, including three NFL division rivalry games. Take note: the Chicago Bears play the Detroit Lions at 11:30 a.m. CT. Christmas day features NBA basketball, including a match-up between the Los Angeles Lakers and defending champion Golden State Warriors. After a few hours of relaxation, you’ll be ready for the first round of leftovers.