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Establishment “General”

This refers to any establishment that serves liquor. Usually this type of video gaming location is a bar, resrtaurant, or gaming parlor. As Illinois video gaming has grown in popularity, more and more establishments are trying to obtain a liquor license so they can open a slot machine business as well.

Veteran Establishment

An establishment that refers to veteran lead organizations such as your local chapter for American Legion. A qualified veteran is required to lead these optimal video gaming locations. Our local team members help veteran establishments succeed by providing the best support system for maintenance and profitable sweepstakes.

Fraternal Establishment

IL locations where fraternal organizations meet regularly or weekly. These types of video gaming locations near you can be recognized as the Elks Club, your local lodge, and other civic organizations throughout the state of IL. Learning how to navigate the Illinois Gaming Board can be tricky. Call today to speak to a rep.

“Truck Stop” Establishment

The “truck stop” video gaming locations are unique. A few requiremnents are a must, and you will need help completing all the requirements. for starters, these truck stop video game locations need to sit on at least 3 acres of land. You must also sell at least 10,000 gallons of fuel each month to qualify.

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Universal Gaming Group provides slot machines to thousands of locations across Illinois. Visit this page to find the best video gaming locations that open each month. Access the best sweepstakes offers and games throughout the state.

If you are interested in opening a slot machine business or need more information on how to obtain a license, please vitis our website or call to speak to a UGG rep.

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