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Come check out Bingo on Joliet Road in Indian Head Park this Tuesday, July 30th! It will be a howling good time at this unique bar and restaurant.

The Wolf’s Head is located on property that was once the trail of the Black Hawk Indians,  hunting and war parties to and from the Great Lakes used the trail. This area was also known for the large packs of wolves, which roamed the countryside, hence the name “Wolf Road”.  In more recent history, Al Capone and his merry men were familiar figures at a golf course once located across the street. On the walls of the restaurant you will find many interesting things to gaze upon.All of the booths at the Wolfs Head were removed from the old Pump Room, which closed in 1976.  Is it an old-fashioned restaurant offering prime rib & other traditional American meals in a relaxed setting.

Were you born to yell BINGO?? If so, come to Wolf’s Head this Tuesday and do what you were born to do. You could win some amazing prizes, you never know what you could win unless you take a chance!


Please see below for more event information


Date of Event:

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019


Location of Event:

6937 Joliet Rd. Indian Head Park, IL 60525


Time of Event:

Check-in: 7:00 pm

Start time: 7:30 pm



Must play solo Pre-register in person, by calling (708) 246-0400 , or online at ugaminggroup.com/events


Prizes: Round 1:  $50 visa gift card + $10 free play Round 2:  $50 visa gift card + $10 free play Round 3: $50 visa gift card + $15 free play Round 4:  $50 visa gift card + $15 free play Round 5: $50 visa gift card + $25 free play